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Here's a song I made you might enjoy about Snook:

SNOOK Fishing in Pine Island Sound

     We will be throwing a variety of artificials using jigs, swimbaits,  swimmers and top-water plugs.
     Snook is a fish that can be caught all year round if you are with the right captain. Pine Island Sound has a combination of brackish water and mangroves in rivers and bays which makes this one of the best areas for Snook fishing in the world.
     Depending on the time of year, it will vary where the Snook are staging and how you fish for them. They are commonly known as being a difficult fish to catch because Snook are smart and fast, but from Pine Island Sound and its many mangrove islands, you will find some of the best possible waters in the world to catch Snook repeatedly. Almost any given day, depending of weather, you can find and catch quality Snook.

Your Captain:  Originally from eastern Long Island, Capt. George Grosselfinger still guides for trophy striped bass guaranteeing a 30lb or better fish or it's a free charter during summer months.  Before being a full time Pine Island resident, Capt.George earned 2 Masters Degrees and was awarded The Most Inspirational Teacher in 2003 by the President and the US Department of Education.
     Both novices and experts in Snook fishing still enjoy listening and learning.  Putting a smile on your face as you hook trophy Snook with artificial lures only, is what Capt George is all about.  Snook are guaranteed or free charter.  Keep the sport in sportfishing!  

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